Rob’s Critical Market Levels Before New Hampshire

Welcome back!  I hope you all enjoyed the videos from the past couple nights.  We are seeing all those effects live in the markets here.  There are a couple interesting points tonight. There are all inside bars on all four Stock Index Futures.  That means that this is another calm before the storm instance.  We will see if New Hampshire … [Continue reading]

A Powerful Follow-Through To Yesterday’s Trading Video

Okay, welcome back gang! First of all, there is about six and a half hours of video that went out last night where unfortunately another video from another segment was put in its place as one of our staff members was training-so not a problem we did … [Continue reading]

Dangerous Presidential Politics Are Close To Killing The Market

Welcome back! I hope you had a fantastic Friday and what I want to talk to you about this weekend is that precarious position that presidential politics are putting into the market right now. Normally I give you the breakout/breakdown levels and keep … [Continue reading]

Awesome Live Trading Again With Rob Today, So Now What?

Ok gang, welcome back.  Well a great day trading today!  A lot of lessons learned and for some new students who thought that they were a little bit smarter than me, not such a great day.  I had some people in the downdraft this morning that bet … [Continue reading]

Very Nice Live Trading Today – How Rob Did So Well

Okay gang welcome back! As we look at today it failed the follow through to the upside as Crude Oil had previously done and part Crude Oil was ahead of the whole game here. If you recall it was well over a week ago and Crude Oil launched into the key … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Plan Worked, So What’s Next?

Hey everybody, welcome back. Our strategy worked pretty well today, we went ahead and told you on Friday that we had the stochastics pointing to a pullback day today, against the falling resistance you see it early on today, today was about selling, … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Target Was Hit. So What Next?

Well welcome back everyone! Let’s start off back on the 19th and 20th of the month on Crude Oil. What we were telling you is that we were looking for a push back up here towards the falling resistance. That was going to be our short term target, … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Key Thoughts For Tomorrow On Key Stocks And Markets

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s go ahead and look at several instruments this evening. Let’s start with Apple.  We really have to watch out going into tomorrow’s trading session.  We had an accumulation bar of the lows.  We have some … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Key Thoughts For Tomorrow’s Post FOMC Trading

Welcome back gang!  Let’s take a look at some of the key markets. There is still nothing to do with the Euro.  I know that I sound like a broken record here.  It has been over two months that we have been sideways in the channel that I keep … [Continue reading]