Live Trade Review From Today Using Rob’s Strategies

Well hey gang welcome back well listen of course Murphy’s law right today our internet was fantastic I guess Comcast finally got all of these situations worked out there of course yesterday we had some interruptions so what I want to do is tonight is go back and pick up where we left off from yesterday during our event and follow up on one of my … [Continue reading]

The Market Coiled Even Tighter Today In Advance Of The Big Move

Okay welcome back gang first things first I want to go ahead and thank all of you that were so patient this morning there was an incredible turnout we had multiple rooms kind of coming together and we had electronic difficulties as our cable provider … [Continue reading]

Special Access To Rob Hoffman and Live Trading Tomorrow Morning

Okay gang, welcome back! Listen, first things first, we had a split market today. We had 2 and 2 because we had fishhook buy signals on the SNP and the DOW. At the same time, we had fish hook sell signal on the RUSSELL and of course we were … [Continue reading]

Live Trading Event With Rob Hoffman: It’s Been Four Months Since Your Last Chance

Okay gang, get ready for more fireworks and excitement here over the next couple of days. Great time for us to be doing our live trading event with you – that is going to be this Wednesday. Go to to get registered for … [Continue reading]

Watch Rob Trade Live And More On Greece

Okay gang welcome back so some of the nail biting news that we have been waiting for here towards the end of the week appears to be coming out. Greece is getting a four month extension. Now I want to go ahead and make sure everybody know this. From a … [Continue reading]

More Signals To Be Aware Of From The Stock Market

Welcome back everyone. Tonight we are really seeing a lot of what we have been talking about the last several days. These markets right on the edge, ready for big moves. Let’s talk a little bit more about that tonight as we are playing this … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Thoughts On Crude Oil Prices, Gold, And Stock Indices

Okay gang welcome back tonight I am going to go ahead and switch gears here a little bit. The last couple of nights I have been telling you quite frequently about my key thoughts on these US stock indices and we tie in the DAX as well we have been … [Continue reading]

Rob Gives More Information On The Impending Stock Market Move

Okay gang welcome back well listen first of all thanks for all the great feedback you gave me on last night video lets go ahead and based on questions and comments and ideas that I had got I can tell that we want to continue to give more information … [Continue reading]

Why The Stock Market Is Poised For Another Amazing Move

Welcome back, gang! With the holiday, I want to take time and show you a bigger picture on the market. This is something that I’ve been showing my live trading room members and makes for an exciting time. Remember, 2015 is going to be a big year. … [Continue reading]