Rob’s Thoughts On Tomorrow’s Key Markets

Okay gang, welcome back! Let’s go ahead and take a look at a couple of different markets. Let’s start with the ones we’re going to avoid going into tomorrow at this point. 1. We’ll be looking to avoid the Euro. Today I wanted to avoid it because we had a big wide range bar so we were looking for a consolidation. The consolidation … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Warning This Morning And Trading This Afternoon

Okay gang, welcome back! Today was the perfect day, putting all the pieces together again. This morning, similar to last Thursday’s event that we had with Infinity Futures, we had to be patient earlier on in the morning. Now, at THAT event, I was … [Continue reading]

Watch Trading Champion Rob Hoffman In Action Tomorrow Morning!

Hey everyone, welcome back. First of all, thank you so very much for all of you that sent in warm wishes and condolences for Sarah and I, over the weekend. Obviously, it was a tough weekend. Most of you should have gotten a letter from us, letting … [Continue reading]

Did You Miss Watching Rob’s Live Trading This Morning? Don’t Miss It Again!

Okay gang, welcome back! Listen, if you missed it this morning you missed it. I spent the last two days doing great training for everybody during those events that I did and this morning we had a live trading even where people got to watch me do … [Continue reading]

Don’t Miss Rob Trade Live Tomorrow Morning

Hey gang, welcome back! Boy, it sure has been a couple of exciting days, hasn’t it? Between the trading the last couple of days, and then, of course, these great events I’ve been doing, which a lot of you attended. Those of you who missed it, you … [Continue reading]

Don’t Miss Rob’s Live Trading And Talks Wednesday And Thursday!

Hey gang, welcome back to an exciting day! Boy, I sure hope that you weren’t among the few that missed this morning’s great event with the MoneyShow and ETrading Expo, we had a great time. If you did, don’t do it again gang because I did part … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Key Points From Today And What He’s Watching For Next From The Markets

Welcome back! First of all, before I get started tonight, I want to give a big shout out to the students and guests that came out to see us in St. Louis, that was awesome, and I really appreciate you guys making drives. I know some people were … [Continue reading]

Two Key Strategies To Remember From Rob’s Great Trading This Week

Well, hey everyone, welcome back here. Hope everyone is getting ready for an exciting summer weekend! As we talk today, the markets not quite closed yet, I have to leave a little bit early as I’m getting ready to head down to St. Louise for a … [Continue reading]

How We’re Approaching Tomorrow’s Markets

Alright, welcome back everyone! Ryan here, happy to be filling in for Rob, who’s got an incredibly hectic schedule the next couple days, so I’ll be bring you tonight’s Free Video Newsletter. So a number of the things that we’ve been talking … [Continue reading]