Several Markets That Are On The Brink Of Major Moves

Okay gang welcome back well what an exciting week from a trading perspective and the way the markets are setting up prospectively. Just all around I am really excited about 2015 I am excited about our small lot trading room and things that we have done in the live trading room. Everything has just been fantastic. I am looking forward to having you … [Continue reading]

Markets Ready To Explode To The Downside If They Fail These Buy Setups

Hi everyone this is Jordon, another great day in the Live Trading Room, we followed it up today with a Member’s Q&A Session where we took members live trading videos and got a chance to critique them one at a time in front of the class, … [Continue reading]

Another Powerful Trading Strategy Used Today And Our Thoughts About Tomorrow

Hey gang, it’s Jordon! I’ve been trading in the room with Rob, I’ve been hearing a lot of grea comments about how Rob’s work can be translated for a small lot trader. I’ve kind of been showing that off to people. This is a video from today, … [Continue reading]

Tonight’s Strategy Of Rob’s Saves Many Of His Students From Disaster

Welcome back, gang! Tonight, we are going to something a little bit different – normally I show you these great different trading levels that I’m looking for in various markets and those become the key levels that we often focus on in the trading … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Key Markets On The Edge of More Moves

Okay gang, welcome back! Well, we can see between the Greek vote and the ECB last week, we did in fact have a lot of volatility. Last week was a great week for the average small lot retail trader. We are going to see if we can make this week great as … [Continue reading]

A Fantastic Week For Retail Traders

Welcome back everyone. First things first, it was a fantastic week for small lot traders and that’s not just lip service. We proved it. For those of you who haven’t been following along in the trading room, really should be there, because what … [Continue reading]

Incredible Trading and Opportunities Post ECB!

Okay gang, welcome back! Well, lots to discuss here, let’s go and get right into it. First things first, as look at the Euro, the Euro did a great job at breaking down below our breakdown point here at the inventory retracement bar. AS you recall, … [Continue reading]

Get Ready For The Post ECB Trading

Okay gang, welcome back, welcome back, welcome back! What an exciting day! As slow was the market was in some ways, it was actually really exciting. If you have chance, make sure you watch my premium day trading video – you are going to be able to … [Continue reading]

This Is A Day Traders Market, Not Swing Traders Through At Least Thursday

Okay gang, welcome back! With a few minutes to go on the clock as the market closes, a couple key things for tonight. At this point, as far as I’m concerned, all swing trades positions we are looking to get profits within 2 days and 2-3 weeks, are … [Continue reading]