Excellent Follow-Through In Today’s Stock Indices

Welcome back gang. Well at least we went ahead and got some conclusion to the FOMC at the quantitative easing event today. Let’s focus two phrases I will be using tonight, decision time and follow through. We have a couple of different markets that its decision time directionally speaking and some others with follow through. Let’s start with … [Continue reading]

It’s Now Decision-time And Time For Follow-Through For These Markets

Ok gang welcome back well at least we went ahead and got some conclusion to the FOMC quantitative event today so with that being said let’s take a look at two key phrases I’m focusing at tonight decision time and follow-through for these markets. … [Continue reading]

Now We Wait For Tomorrow’s Big Announcement And Then Get Even More Busy!

Welcome back gang and happy Tuesday to you. As we go ahead and take a look at today, well what can you say? It was a really nice session utilizing a lot of the work that we talk with you guys about each and every night so we walked in the door and we … [Continue reading]

A Steady Market Ahead Of The FOMC (QE) Announcement And Fireworks

Welcome back gang! We’re going to look at the stock index futures tonight. The key thing from this morning was this. The Russell actually showed some extra weakness and were pushing through the speed lines to the downside. However the other 3 stock … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Big Picture Focus Points For The Stock Market

Welcome back everyone! As we go ahead and wrap up the week and look into the next week and beyond. Let’s take a look at these markets from a little different perspective tonight. We’re actually going to look at them from a monthly perspective, … [Continue reading]

AAPL And The Stock Indices Did Exactly What Rob Needed And Wanted

Welcome back gang. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the stock index futures, and Apple. If you recall in last night’s video that I mentioned we referred to something called the kill zone, which is falling resistance and rising support. The way I … [Continue reading]

These Markets Are Pausing For Another Move

Welcome back gang. Let’s go ahead and take a look at a couple of the markets that we were focusing on today. First things first is the Euro, we mentioned in last night’s video we were looking for continuations to the downside today, due to the … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Apple Trading Ideas And Much More…

Welcome back everyone, Rob Hoffman here. Let’s look at some several instruments like the VIX has come down dramatically. It’s basically been cut in half, but it is still above that preferred level of 14 or higher that I like to see. That’s … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Upcoming Day And Swing Trading Ideas

Welcome back gang. First of all I would like to go ahead and thank all of the wonderful people from Toronto and outside that region that came to see me last Friday. They were jam-packed events and really nice people, so thank you to all of you. Thank … [Continue reading]