After A Great Week, Rob Looks For What’s Next In The Market

Welcome back, gang. We will look at several markets tonight. We have some great follow-ons after last night’s videos. First thing’s first, is the Euro. After our two bar break, the Euro continues to stay strong. We are going to go into Monday with a little bit of a challenge. We have an M-Pattern sell signal, much like we had high … [Continue reading]

Rob Won Another Trading Competition. Now You Can Win With His Nightly Videos

Welcome back, everyone. I want to give a quick shout out and hello to our new student family members – retail and institutional like from Dubai, India, Hong Kong, and now Las Vegas. Let’s talk about the VIX first.  In order to be sustainable … [Continue reading]

Key Lessons from Today’s Hot Markets

Welcome back gang! A couple of things here. This video is going to look a little different because I am operating on one lap top screen here in Las Vegas. I am getting ready to do my presentations here in Vegas and then the Live Trading Challenge … [Continue reading]

The Next Two Days Will Be Live Trading and Training With Rob

OK, gang welcome back! Well, this video is being shot in the middle of the day since I am getting ready to leave for Vegas. Hopefully, everybody got my initial notice back on April 24th,  that we are going to be at the Las Vegas Money Show here for … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Plan For Tomorrow After Today’s Crude Oil and Stock Index Trading

Hey gang, welcome back! Let’s take a look at a handful of markets and trading ideas in the next coming days. I get asked about Apple a lot, for those of you that know me and have been around me for years, one of the trades I used to take a lot … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Plan For Tomorrow After Today’s Superb Afternoon Of Trading

Welcome back, everyone. We are starting off with the DAX tonight since that was a viewer request. Every once in a while, I forget about the DAX. I don’t mean to overlook the DAX, but it is an important instrument that I have traded many times … [Continue reading]

How Last Night’s Analysis Made Money This Morning

Welcome back. Tonight’s video is going to be an update that we haven’t done here in a awhile but trying to provide an ongoing education of what we are looking for in the markets and how we use these different tools and techniques. So, you recall … [Continue reading]

How Rob Executed On His Strategies In The Trading Room This Morning

Welcome back, gang. Let’s start off by giving you a quick update on today’s markets. First thing’s first, the Euro continued to hold the daily resistance to the downside that we talked about. I am very excited about the opportunism to come in … [Continue reading]

Rob Is Back, So Enjoy His Latest Market Updates

Welcome back, everyone. It’s great to see you here on my public video side. Obviously, I’ve been keeping up with my premium private client videos. Which has been incredible. We are actually going to talk about that to get you guys up to speed as … [Continue reading]