Rob’s Fantastic Market Ideas And Proof You’re The Best Students!

Okay gang welcome back. First thing’s first, before I go ahead and get into the several different markets that I want to look at tonight I need to go ahead and absolutely give a warm thank you. I often talk about how I’m lucky, I’m blessed, I have some of the world’s greatest students here. Just take a look at some of these donations that … [Continue reading]

Give To Charity For A Chance To Win Rob For A Day In Your Home Next Week!

Welcome back gang, listen I have an important announcement at the end of this video tonight. So let me go ahead and be brief on this initial analysis. We talked a little bit last night about how we were at these key support levels on the stock index … [Continue reading]

The Stock Market That Will Keep On Giving!

Okay welcome back gang and welcome to all of our new student family. Tonight I want to go ahead and take a look at a couple of different markets let’s start with the euro here the euro first thing is first we had a distribution inventory … [Continue reading]

We’re In An Absolutely Incredible Market For Day And Swing Traders!

Okay gang, good evening. What an exciting day again today for just so many great trading reasons, but let’s just go ahead and look at a couple of key things and then we’ll wrap up on the back end. As we go ahead and start off on gold. I’m just … [Continue reading]

Rob Did It Again With Last Week’s Trading!

Okay gang welcome back. I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. Boy what a great week last week. Let’s go ahead and highlight a couple of things to know and to remember. First things first as it relates to the Euro, it is still in a down trend … [Continue reading]

More Great Live Trading Today And More To Come Tomorrow!

Okay gang welcome back, first things first if you recall in Tuesday night’s video I share with you the whole strategy I have for contract rollover and here we are at the end of our cash session on Thursday when most of the brokers force rollovers … [Continue reading]

Rob Reviews The Great Market Action Again Today And More To Come!

Okay welcome back gang welcome back we will go ahead and look at this market it has got a little bit of time left on the clock before it closes really doesn't matter at this point. We got what we need out of it today. As we go ahead and we look for … [Continue reading]

Two Must-Remember Trading Tips From Rob Tonight

Okay gang welcome back lets go and hit two helpful tips that we try to remind you of every few months and now is that appropriate time again first thing is first another reminder that you hear me talk about this fairly regularly which is about this … [Continue reading]

Nice Breakdown Again In Crude And The Stock Indices

Okay welcome back gang, well as we go ahead and take a look here this evening there are a couple of things we want to focus on looking over at Gold. Gold did not break above the 1215 level and it did not break down below my channel near the 1186 … [Continue reading]