Were You A Part Of The Awesome Trading Action Today?

What an exciting first day for new people to be in the Live Trading Room.  Let’s start by looking at what is hot and what is not. The 14.50 is a bench mark to beat on the VIX.  I really want to see us get above 15 for the market to tank.  We had an elite member follow up Q&A session where I fired off many shorts.  That was the best … [Continue reading]

Did You Miss Rob Hoffman’s Big Event? Here’s What Happened…

Welcome back everyone. Was that not a fun day or what? Thanks for all of you that could join me in the live trading room this morning. Even though the market didn’t cooperate 100% we still managed to get 3 trades off in the live trading room there. … [Continue reading]

Live Trading With Champion Trader Rob Hoffman After His Latest Win In Dallas

Okay gang, welcome back everyone and happy Monday. What a great day to be a trader. Thanks again for all of you that sent in the congratulations on winning the 22nd trading competition win in Dallas the other day. That was great, nice way to close … [Continue reading]

Quick Video Update Before Rob Jumps On His Flight

Welcome back, two things. First of all the video that was released last night for the first two hours after it was released last night it was actually the original Monday night video. If you didn’t watch a 13 minute video covering the concerns … [Continue reading]

Key Things To Watch With The Stock Market On Edge

Welcome back everyone!  The market is still open for a little while now.  I do have to get some things done before I see some of you guys in Dallas! I really want the VIX to stay at or above the 16.50 area.  The distribution bar has been so … [Continue reading]

This Market Is Just Going To Get Wilder And We Will Be There To Enjoy The Ride

Welcome back everyone!  This video is going to be done a little early today.  I just closed out the last of my trading here today.  The last trade was one that you are very familiar with me doing.  We have these stochastic spike type trades going … [Continue reading]

Great Trading Today, But Here’s What You Need To Know For Friday

Welcome back everyone!  We had such an exciting day today with the new format in the Live Trading Room.  I fired off a couple trades early off in the morning with the group.  We will be continuing that trend on. We have a distribution bar on … [Continue reading]

A Nice Start To The Trading Week. More To Come For Sure

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s get right into it this evening! As soon as we got through that magic 15 level on the VIX, that was all she wrote.  People got to watch myself and Hershey John executing live trades in the room today.  The VIX is … [Continue reading]

The Stock Market Was Great This Week. Next Week, Will Be Even Better

Welcome back! What a nice way to end the week – especially the exciting changes I made to the Live Trading Room. It gave me a lot more time to focus on getting done what we want to get done, which is trading with my students! I can’t wait to get … [Continue reading]