A Nice And Profitable Way To End A Choppy Thursday Marke

Well hey everyone, welcome back. The markets not closed today but I have to do this video early. Let’s go ahead and get into the facts. Wow what a great day, it was a terrible day of price action yet we went ahead and came, saw and conquered with some great trading in the trading room this morning, so congratulations. We actually had a special … [Continue reading]

An Excellent Start To The Rest Of The Year’s Trading

Welcome back everyone!  This was a great first day for the rest of the year.  If you joined yesterday you were able to see some great first day training.  First let’s talk about what we are looking at heading into tomorrow. We are looking for … [Continue reading]

Tomorrow Morning Will Likely Determine Your Success This Summer In The Markets

Welcome back, and it is great to be back with everyone.  Don’t forget about the huge event tomorrow!  That will be the last chance to see me before the Brexit vote, from a Live Trading Room perspective.  There was about two months in between the … [Continue reading]

What A Big Trading Session From Italy!

Welcome back everyone!  I know that the market is still open right now, but because of the craziness of my schedule I am going to shoot this special video now.  Let’s begin by hitting on a couple wonderful things today. This is actually where … [Continue reading]

A Fantastic Week For Rob And It’s About To Get Even Better For Our Traders

Welcome back everyone!  Let us begin by looking at several important factors.  What an awesome week here.  Thanks again for all of the great comments to me and the support team about the trading competition win.  It is just another win for you … [Continue reading]

Rob’s First Video After Returning From His 18th Real-Money Trading Competition Win

Welcome back, first of all thanks for everybody that came this morning. You will notice I sound a little more chipper now than I did this morning. I had only barely got off the airplane before I did this special event with you guys this morning. It … [Continue reading]

Rob Hoffman Just Won Again In Las Vegas And Now You Can Too!

Welcome back! It’s been an exciting day out here at the Las Vegas MoneyShow. I just got done competing at another trading competition and it was phenomenal. My competitor was a seasoned market-maker and institutional-type trader. He did a … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Daily Trading Video Live From Las Vegas

Ok gang welcome back, well first of all I want to thank everyone who has come out to see me here in Las Vegas, you guys are awesome. Thanks for making these journeys, tried to make it worthwhile for you guys to. Taking the time to talk to you and … [Continue reading]

The Stock Market Plunge Protection Team Saved The Day Today: For Now

Welcome back everyone!  Thanks to all of you who attended our special question and answer session today.  You guys definitely made it wonderful today. I am really just going to focus on these charts tonight.  For me, this is what it is all … [Continue reading]