Rob’s Awesome Trading, And The Market That Keeps On Giving

Welcome back to this fantastic Thursday! Boy, this market is the gift that keeps on giving isn’t it? As we take a look at everything we’ve been saying we’ll try to give you the Reader’s Digest version at this point. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with the videos each and every day with what’s been happening here. I’ve been … [Continue reading]

Key Things To Remember After Today’s Great Trading Session

Okay gang, welcome back. I want to share some important information in my opinion about AAPL. What we’re actually going to do though because there’s so much else to talk about we’ll see if we can get that out for you in tomorrow night’s … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Key Markets And Levels Pre-FOMC

Ok gang, welcome back! I am going to go and give you a quick video tonight, I’ve got a mentoring group here with me all week, and of course, lots going on. Let’s go and just right into it. First things first, I want to talk about the NASDAQ, Dow, … [Continue reading]

Awesome Day Trading Stock Index Futures

Ok gang, welcome back to our fantastic Monday here, which is a real nice continuation from Friday, where Ryan fired off a trade I went and fired off four more trades. We had five trades, right away there, in the morning. Great stuff. And then, today … [Continue reading]

A Swing Trading & Stock Index Futures Day

Okay gang, welcome back! I hope you are having a great start to the weekend here. Listen, what can we say? Let’s start off with the basics here as we look at the $VIX. When the $VIX is poppin Rob & Ryan are rockin. Friday of course we fired … [Continue reading]

Market Pullback – Futures Trading Strategies

Ok, gang, this video is being shot just a few minutes before the close, but, man, what a great day! As we wind up here, a lot of the stuff that we talked about in last night’s videos really came to fruition. Let’s talk about a couple of the key … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Thoughts On Swing Trading, Options Trading, and Stock Index Futures

Okay gang, welcome back! Let’s go ahead and take a look at a couple of different markets. Let’s start with the ones we’re going to avoid going into tomorrow at this point. 1. We’ll be looking to avoid the Euro. Today I wanted to avoid it … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Morning Warning & Short-Trading Successes

Okay gang, welcome back! Today was the perfect day, putting all the pieces together again. This morning, similar to last Thursday’s event that we had with Infinity Futures, we had to be patient earlier on in the morning. Now, at THAT event, I was … [Continue reading]

Watch Rob Hoffman in Action – Futures Trading

Hey everyone, welcome back. First of all, thank you so very much for all of you that sent in warm wishes and condolences for Sarah and I, over the weekend. Obviously, it was a tough weekend. Most of you should have gotten a letter from us, letting … [Continue reading]