Some Of What Rob Taught Today In San Francisco And How It Ties To His Other Work

Welcome back, great to see you guys here and thanks for all of you who are coming out to see me here in wonderful San Francisco. It has been great to see so many of you already. To get the handshakes the hugs and lots of great chat time with you guys. Looking forward to tomorrow as well. Part of what we talk about today was inventory retracement … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Trading Strategy For Next Week In San Francisco

Welcome back, let’s go ahead and take a look at our favorite instruments here. First things first, let’s go ahead and look at the stock indices. From the stock indices perspective we have a lot of negative divergences taking place and that has … [Continue reading]

Nice Follow-through On The Pullback Rob Identified For You Two Days Ago

Welcome back everyone!  There was a nice follow through today.  We opened up with selling.  In fact we were cranking them out basically from the opening this morning.  From the U.S. open on we were getting some great sell signals.  We took … [Continue reading]

There’s The Pullback Rob Identified For You In Last Night’s Video

Welcome back everyone!  Last night’s video was real long.  Let’s make tonight’s really short.  In last night’s video I told you that I would be watching the VIX.  It was all about the VIX.  I said if we got above the 12 level, pushing … [Continue reading]

How’s Rob Trading A Market That Won’t Stop Climbing?

Welcome back! Today was an exciting day. We had a nice CS MFT Pro edition signal fire off this morning and the market never looked back. We’ll talk about that in a moment. As you guys know, I was at a really fun and intense four day long-range … [Continue reading]

Part 2 Of Can You Catch Big Moves In The Market?

In tonight’s video the reality is I have to be honest with you. I always tell you what I do right, what I do wrong, what I can do better. Just trying to let you know what I am feeling, what I am thinking here. The reality is that sometimes I … [Continue reading]

Can You Catch Big Moves In The Market? Part 1

Since many of you have recently gotten our Champion Setups Momentum Fund Trader Pro edition tool, let’s have some fun and take a look at TSLA. With TSLA I’m often asked with strategies like this, would there have been ways to identify an early … [Continue reading]

Sorry About Last Night But Good News

This is Hubert Senters here with Rob Hoffman.  We are looking at Crude on a daily chart because a lot of people are asking what we think about Crude Oil.  According to the Pro Signals there is a double sell signal below the cloud.  There is also a … [Continue reading]

Today’s Videos And Tonight’s Special Class

Welcome back everyone!  The Day and Swing Trading videos are the same great videos as always.  What I need to do for all you guys here is to get a seat at the table tonight.  As many of you found out the hard way Saturday, you couldn’t get in to … [Continue reading]