Live Trading Webinar With Rob Tomorrow Morning After Today’s Great Session

Welcome back gang. Well, tonight’s video is going to be very simple and straightforward. This morning we opened up and got down below the speedlines on the various charts. It was firing off the short side trades. We had some magnificent moves down here this morning here with the ranges. A lot of what I refer to as Max Range extensions back and … [Continue reading]

Enjoy Rob’s Video And We’ll See You Wednesday

Okay gang, welcome back! Well listen, a couple things here so we walked into the door this morning… On Friday we locked in what we call Hoffman Hockey Sticks so we’re pushing now making that over extension and then we’re looking for … [Continue reading]

Join Rob For A Special Live Trading Event Next Wednesday!

Okay gang! Welcome back to this fun and exciting 2014!  As we go ahead and we look at the weekend videos here let’s just take a look at a few things we’re looking at going into next week.  A lot of this analysis I’ve been giving you in all … [Continue reading]

New Website Update And Wow Was That A Fun Day Of Trading!

Hey everyone welcome back, Rob back here with you!  What a day, another great day here as we go ahead and we kick off. Before we get into that I just want to let you all know that our website is about to change.  We’ve told you and we’ve … [Continue reading]

Tonight Rob Looks At Some Interesting Monthly Charts That You Should Be Aware Of

Okay gang, welcome back! Well tonight we’re going to do something a little bit different.  I won’t be talking too much about the live trading room, things we did or the things we were looking at today because I wasn’t in the live trading … [Continue reading]

Waiting Patiently For Monday’s Stock Market Open Paid Off! Let’s Review Why

Welcome back gang, Rob here with you! As we take a look at trading from today, basically we did get that dead cat bounce we were looking for.  We’re caught between a rock and a hard place here.  We’ve got my speed lines coming down on top of us … [Continue reading]

Fantastic Sell Side Trading In The Market That Made For A Big Day!

Okay gang, welcome back! Hopefully each and every one of you each day is watching, even our weekend videos that we get ready each week to prepare for the next week.  If you guys watch that what you saw was a real opportunity to get an inside look … [Continue reading]

Awesome Trading Moves! Rob Has More WOW Trading In Store For You Next Week!

Well hey there gang, welcome back, welcome back, welcome back! What a week, huh?  Great stuff! Let’s go ahead and do a thorough review let’s look at lots of different markets tonight as we get prepared for what’s going to be another … [Continue reading]

Now That Was Another Great Trading Day! So What About Tomorrow?

Welcome back gang, Rob here with you.  Listen, as we look at tonight, what a fantastic day!  Let’s go ahead and recap it and talk about some important things.  First of all the Euro failed to get back above the dollar 38 20 level we were looking … [Continue reading]

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