Much Bigger Trading Moves To Come, Here’s What We’re Looking At

Welcome back. I hope everybody had a safe and healthy holiday weekend. Let’s take a look at a few highlight reels from today: CL was where I was really spending a lot of my time this morning outside of the stock index futures. The orders that I was entering were based on the CL here. If we just take a look here for a moment a couple of the key … [Continue reading]

Nice Way To End The Trading Week. So What’s Next?

Welcome back everyone. I hope that you guys are having a fantastic holiday weekend here. I will be looking forward to seeing you in the Live Trading Room either Tuesday morning or in Tuesday night’s videos. In the meantime, let me give you a couple … [Continue reading]

Markets Rob Is Looking At Prior To The Volume Rushing Back In

As we take a look at our holiday volume week here there are a couple of things to note. In fact, let's take a look at the holiday volume as we're kicking this off. As you're looking at this it is important to understand that you shouldn't give a lot … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Key Day And Swing Trading Levels For Tomorrow

This video is going to be done a little before the close today because I have a big presentation that is going to be done here right after the close. With that being said, I've got a couple of key things from today that are so important. Right off … [Continue reading]

Several Markets That Are Right On The Edge Of Good Moves

Let’s hit a couple of notable things and key things that you’ve got to know going into tomorrow. First of all, the 6E, right here later in the session, we finally got down below the 13180 level. The problem was, of course, it is that it was well … [Continue reading]

Watch These Inside Bar Trades And More

Let’s get right into tonight. For all of you that are part of my swing trading videos and have been following along on these, make sure that with GILD, APPL, and Bonds you’re going ahead and, in my opinion, moving up the trailing profit stop on … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Favorite Markets To Kick Off Next Week’s Trading

Okay gang welcome back! As we look at Friday’s trading and going into next week, the bottom line is this; we have rising support coming up underneath us, and so I mentioned until we broke down below that rising support, I would not want to be … [Continue reading]

Rob Is Back! Here Is A Brief Catch Up Video

Welcome back gang! Let's have a quick video here this evening. It is so great to be back with you guys. We just got home a few hours ago and you can imagine I haven't had a lot of sleep the last several days as the nurses come in, every hour more or … [Continue reading]

Two Markets To Focus On For Tomorrow

Welcome back everyone! Ryan here with tonight's video. I would like to give a huge welcome to baby Mackenzie Hoffman. This will be her first video newsletter and I have the honor of doing it. Welcome, Mackenzie! Congratulations Rob & Sarah. I … [Continue reading]