A Picture Perfect Trading Day

Welcome back, everyone. Boy, what can we say about today? Today was a picture perfect trading day. Sometimes when you wake up, you look at the markets and think that you’ll be doing a lot more waiting than trading. But then, there are those days where you wake up and think it’s going to be a great trading day. It is great being able to tell … [Continue reading]

A Few Key Markets You’ll Want To Watch Now

Welcome back, gang! Let’s take a look at 3 markets that are of interest to a lot of different people watching these videos tonight. Normally, we focus on various instruments up to and including Stock Index Futures. Tonight, however, we are going to … [Continue reading]

Monday’s Market Went Exactly As Planned From This Weekend’s Video To You

Welcome back, gang. We have a brief video tonight to review a couple key things. If you watch the first minute, minute and a half of the weekend video, we mentioned that today we would be looking for a pause. In part because, we had the whole thrust, … [Continue reading]

Our Trading Plan For Monday After This Great Week

Welcome back. As we are getting ready to close up another fantastic week with Friday’s session, bottom line is going into Monday, I’m initially looking for a little bit of a pause. All of these Stock Index Futures are pretty well over-cooked at … [Continue reading]

Nice Trading Post FOMC – Here’s What You Should Look For Next

Welcome back, gang. WE are going to hit a lot of topics, really fast. First off, what a great day to be a swing trader. WE put out two great swing trade alerts after the FOMC yesterday. Those did really well – they popped up 2.5 and 3 dollars … [Continue reading]

Great Market Moves At Out Levels Post FOMC

Welcome back. Let’s get right into it tonight – we have a lot to cover. First things first, post-FOMC today, we did break above that inventory retracement bar breakout point that I was telling you about from yesterday’s videos in in the live … [Continue reading]

Our Stock Market Thoughts For Pre And Post FOMC Tomorrow

Welcome back, gang. Well, hopefully tonight, this video finds you well. We did not do videos last night on our general email list. We did do the trading room yesterday morning despite the fact that I was at a family wedding this weekend and of course … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Stock Market Forecasts And Trading Are On Fire – Are You Missing These Updates?

Welcome back everyone! I hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend. It certainly was a fantastic, outstanding, and stupendous trading week. All of the things that we have been talking about for the last few months have continue to happen into this … [Continue reading]

See How Rob Executed On The Strategy He Gave You Last Night

Okay gang, welcome back. This is going to be a short post today – the market is still open. In fact, one of my team members is actually finishing off the trading room this morning because I have to get to the airport. So I wanted to do a quick … [Continue reading]