Will Tomorrow Be As Good Of Trading As It Was Today?

Welcome back everyone!  I want to get this video out to you early.  The Brexit vote is still going on right now.  We focused on long side trades, especially as the VIX was dropping through 18.  Since then we have popped back up above the 18 level.  We probably won’t know any official results till around 7:30 Eastern Time.  The exit polls … [Continue reading]

Live Trading Pre-Brexit Tomorrow Morning

Ok gang, brief video tonight lets go ahead and cut right to the chase. Here is the DL, in advance of Brexit, volatility is really constricting here, and you can see we have rising support on the daily VIX with falling resistance right on top of us. … [Continue reading]

Brexit Volatility Is Already Here

Welcome back everyone!  Some of the Brexit volatility is already here.  We will talk about that in a few moments.  First let’s talk about some key instruments. The Euro is a natural victim of Brexit.  It has a spike into some recent highs.  … [Continue reading]

Rob Is Going To Personally Walk You Through Trading Brexit This Week

Welcome back everyone!  Before we get into this weekend’s important videos, I want to give a lot of credit to Colorado John and Hershey John.  We have so many Johns here so they all get nicknames.  They did a great job in my absence last week.  … [Continue reading]

An Important Ending To The Week For The Stock Market

Welcome back everyone!  We had a beautiful finish to the week.  We made changes to our Live Trading Room as well so we could account for all the extra trading to come.  With Brexit on the on the horizon, we can expect a lot of volatility in this … [Continue reading]

The Proof Is In The Market’s Follow-through And The Money Made

Okay gang, welcome back. This video is being shot during the trading session because I want to show exactly what I taught you in last night’s video live here. First things first, here is a snapshot of this morning. I told you when it comes to the … [Continue reading]

Rob Says Don’t Change The Instrument You Trade Until This Happens

Welcome back everyone!  We are going to start off today with something that is very important to people who trade Stock Index Futures.  Every three months we go through this roll over process.  Every three months traders find themselves getting … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Market Leadership Strategy Continues To Power Stocks Higher

Welcome back everyone!  There are two quick and important things you need to know this evening.  The first is that the leadership strategy that I have been using the last several days has been working fantastically.  It kept us out of a lot of … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Strategies For Post Yellen Speech, Pre FOMC

Welcome back gang. Well we have more information and all it does is support everything I told you last week. The big deal if you recall from last week was this, over and over again. I knew the NASDQ looked bad for lack of better word, the DOW looked … [Continue reading]