Join Trading Champion Rob Hoffman Live Tomorrow Morning

Well welcome back gang listen, boy what an exciting day lots of trading going on and as we go and take a look into this evening. First things first, with the Euro, the Euro was a great reminder of my 80/20 rule strategy we went ahead and walked in this morning near the $1.26 level and as I reminded people very seldom do we break the $1.26 level a … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Strategy Caught The Reversal Right Before It Happened This Morning, See How Inside!

Welcome back gang. Great stuff today. As we kick off, first things first this morning, this concept that I’ve taught you many times over the years in the videos to watch out for what the news says at the start of the U.S. open. It’s usually a … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Watching These Markets From Barcelona

Welcome back everyone. Greetings from Barcelona. Quick little 4-1-1 for tomorrow night, I will not go ahead and be doing Thursday night video. I will be working with the organizers and sponsors at the event I’m speaking at the University of … [Continue reading]

So Much More Award-Winning Trading To Come. Enjoy The Ride With Rob!

Okay gang, welcome our first day back after the trading competition. As we take a look today is this, with the stock index futures, which is really the whole story from my perspective. I’m getting my most joy on things as you’ll see here in a few … [Continue reading]

What Rob Is Watching Tonight And Trading Tomorrow

Okay gang. The market’s still open, but I needed to do this video several hours ago because I’m here in France and I will have a lot to do tomorrow as well. In fact I will be trading the European session which we will talk more about in a moment. … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Trading Strategy And Videos This Week

Welcome back! Just a couple of housekeeping notes first. Most importantly this week and next week we maybe have a couple of nights where we don’t have videos for you. As you know I’m doing a lot of traveling. This week I will be in Paris, France. … [Continue reading]

Great Trading With Rob Friday, And So Much More To Come

Okay gang welcome back. September continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. We knew we were going to have a lot of fun coming back from the Labor Day weekend. It’s just been getting better and better. A lot of the things we talked to you about … [Continue reading]

Rob Will Be On The Exciting Market Moves Ahead. Will You?

Welcome back everyone! First of all, for all of you that joined our Student Family today, it is great to have you and I'm looking forward to a great back end of the year here with you. Things are heating up and we'll talk about that with everybody … [Continue reading]

Don’t Miss More Live Trading With Rob Hoffman Tomorrow Morning!

Welcome Back! Thanks again for all the great emails and the comments that came in during part one of the event this morning. The training I did, and the education I did, all that we talked about was awesome. In summary here, we identified the reasons … [Continue reading]