What We’re Looking At To Close The Week Nice And Profitable Tomorrow

Welcome back!  Let’s take a look at several instruments first.  The Euro still has not broken down below the 10600 level.  There are no short side opportunities there yet.  I am looking to get down below the 10580 in particular. With Crude Oil we are in the kill zone between the rising speed lines and falling resistance.  We also closed … [Continue reading]

Good Follow-Through From Friday’s Pullback Signal

Okay gang, welcome back! Well, I hope you guys are getting ready for a fun and exciting week! As we take a look here, we were looking to get down below the 10580. We have not done that yet but if we get down below 10580 we will be looking for moves … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Thoughts For Next Week’s Holiday Shortened Trading

As we wind down an incredible week here, myself and Davide did that fantastic event earlier this week where we guaranteed a bunch of trades, we made all of those trades, made money and did some really spectacular things right in front of people. We … [Continue reading]

Perfect Market Follow-through On A Perfect Plan

Okay gang, welcome back! Well, outstanding stuff today. We went ahead and told you in last night’s videos that due to the Hoffman fades and stochastic spike sells on all four Stock Index Futures that we were looking at a pull back or a stall out of … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Key Market Insights For Thursday

Welcome Back!  We are going to make this video short tonight.  I just got done with the multiple day champion trader bootcamp.  Davide and I did twelve trades.  We also made a great deal of profits even in the intense sideways markets.  People … [Continue reading]

More Great Trading Coming This Week

Welcome back!  I am going to get this video out to you before I go home and go to bed for a couple hours, so that I can get back up for the live trading event with some very special students.  I am looking forward to live trading with them into … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Daily Buy Signals Followed Through Nicely Today

Welcome back.  This will be a fairly short video tonight because I have to get ready for the wild and crazy two nights coming up.  We will be trading in the European session, then the U.S. session.  It will be a Rob Hoffman marathon run the last … [Continue reading]

A Perfect Trading Session Using What Rob Taught You Tuesday and Today!

What an exciting day!  If you have been following along the last couple days, you will see stuff I taught you last week.  Everything went flawlessly.  It started in the trading room, where there was some fantastic trading.  All the setups and … [Continue reading]

Re: Last Night’s Rob and Davide Mega Event And Recording Update

Welcome back! Boy, where do we start. First of all, if you were watching this morning’s stock index futures, everything I shared with you and last night’s strategies worked famously this morning with the momentum shift and momentum shift breakout … [Continue reading]