AAPL And The Stock Indices Did Exactly What Rob Needed And Wanted

Welcome back gang. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the stock index futures, and Apple. If you recall in last night’s video that I mentioned we referred to something called the kill zone, which is falling resistance and rising support. The way I look at a situation like this is either for it to break out or break down from those areas, I was … [Continue reading]

These Markets Are Pausing For Another Move

Welcome back gang. Let’s go ahead and take a look at a couple of the markets that we were focusing on today. First things first is the Euro, we mentioned in last night’s video we were looking for continuations to the downside today, due to the … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Apple Trading Ideas And Much More…

Welcome back everyone, Rob Hoffman here. Let’s look at some several instruments like the VIX has come down dramatically. It’s basically been cut in half, but it is still above that preferred level of 14 or higher that I like to see. That’s … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Upcoming Day And Swing Trading Ideas

Welcome back gang. First of all I would like to go ahead and thank all of the wonderful people from Toronto and outside that region that came to see me last Friday. They were jam-packed events and really nice people, so thank you to all of you. Thank … [Continue reading]

Why Now Is A Great Time To Be A Day Or Swing Trader!

Welcome back everyone, boy what another fantastic day, you know we’ve talked about this over and over throughout the year. What was leading up to the selloff, what we’ve been watching every step of the way. Our game plan and how we’re dealing … [Continue reading]

Key Markets Rob Continues To Target And Trade Through This Sell-Off

Well good evening everyone. Welcome back. Let’s go ahead and take a look at these fantastic markets and where we’ve been, what we’ve been focusing on, and what we will focus on next. It’s an important time, a lot of people are concerned about … [Continue reading]

Here’s Rob’s Plan After Another Incredible Week Of Trading

Welcome back gang. What can you say, another fantastic day and another fantastic week! We’ve been talking about this throughout the year over and over again. All of the analysis I have given you has really played out, if you watch this past … [Continue reading]

Did You Catch These Fantastic Trading Moves Today?

Good evening. Welcome back everyone. What an exciting day! We started out this morning with the Infinity Futures event, and while we were waiting here the team there was giving out introductions and I got some trades out here early on. We had the … [Continue reading]

You Won’t Want To Miss Rob In Action Tomorrow Morning at 9 a.m. (CST)

Welcome back listen first I need to apologize unfortunately one of the server farms we were working with that gets out our nightly emails evidently blew up last night. Somehow 3 hard drives blew up our server. Needless to say were weren’t able to … [Continue reading]