Did You Hear? Rob Hoffman Won ANOTHER Trading Competition!

Welcome back everyone. Hey listen, I want to thank all of you who came all the way out to Las Vegas from all over the world. We had people coming from as far as Denmark, Belgium, Brussels, China, and several people came to speak with me from Beijing and asked me to come speak with them and I appreciate them coming all the way out to speak with me. … [Continue reading]

The Stock Markets Key Must-Break Levels Are Very Clear Here

Okay gang, welcome back. Well looks like I’m going to be seeing a lot of you in Las Vegas so very exciting. I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time with you guys here. Mostly trading education, but also taking you aside and helping you … [Continue reading]

Not Just Great Analysis, But More Great Trading As Well…

Welcome back gang. Let’s go ahead and take a look at a couple of things. Before we do, I want to thank everyone who sent those warm wishes and condolences to Sarah and our family. That was very kind of you. It’s always overwhelming to see the … [Continue reading]

Tonight’s Market Update Is Dedicated To Sarah’s Grandpa Ted Who Just Passed Away Today

Welcome back everyone. Sad evening for us. Sarah’s grandfather on her mother’s side was admitted to hospice, Monday evening and passed away a few hours ago. So sad evening for all of us. If you recall a few months ago Sarah lost her mother on her … [Continue reading]

Excitement With AAPL And This Stock Market Ahead Of Elections

Welcome back gang. Before we get into this, tomorrow I jump on a flight to London, so this is your last chance to be a part of the two events in London. It starts off Thursday night where we have a really great session set up that evening. I’m … [Continue reading]

Even More Fabulous Follow-Through In Last Weeks Markets

Welcome back gang. As we’re having a nice start to the weekend with the stock market coming to a head after a really incredible week. Some decisions being made and we actually have been focusing throughout the week on a couple of different themes, … [Continue reading]

Excellent Follow-Through In Today’s Stock Indices

Welcome back gang. Well at least we went ahead and got some conclusion to the FOMC at the quantitative easing event today. Let’s focus two phrases I will be using tonight, decision time and follow through. We have a couple of different markets that … [Continue reading]

It’s Now Decision-time And Time For Follow-Through For These Markets

Ok gang welcome back well at least we went ahead and got some conclusion to the FOMC quantitative event today so with that being said let’s take a look at two key phrases I’m focusing at tonight decision time and follow-through for these markets. … [Continue reading]

Now We Wait For Tomorrow’s Big Announcement And Then Get Even More Busy!

Welcome back gang and happy Tuesday to you. As we go ahead and take a look at today, well what can you say? It was a really nice session utilizing a lot of the work that we talk with you guys about each and every night so we walked in the door and we … [Continue reading]