Rob’s Final Video Before the Baby is Born in the Morning

Welcome back! What an exciting day and a crazy day to finish off before my baby is born. In fact, I’ll be in the hospital in 12 hours getting ready and within about 14.5 hours or so we should have baby. It’s an exciting time as you can imagine. Here I am with you up until the last minute. A couple of updates. First of all, make sure you’re … [Continue reading]

Rob Reviews Several Markets In Tonight’s Video

Welcome back everyone!  Don’t forget that my baby boy will be coming in the next couple days, so videos might be somewhat scarce. We did not get through the 15 level on the VIX today.  We pulled away from that today.  We pulled back closer to … [Continue reading]

One Stock To Watch And Rob’s Strategy For Tomorrow

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s touch base on a couple key points first. We hit that magic VIX 12 level.  Like clockwork we bounced right off of it.  When that level is hit, it shows that we are due for a pullback.  That is exactly what we got … [Continue reading]

A Great End To The Trading Week, So What’s Next?

Welcome back everyone!  What an exciting Friday!  Let’s take a look at a couple of markets as we are getting ready for next week. We have a lot of distribution here.  There are plenty of distribution bars here on the Euro.  Those alone are … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Final Market Update Prior To The BOJ and FOMC

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s do something a little different today.  I did an updated IRB class yesterday.  During that, one of the updates that I gave was about how the entire inventory retracement bar wick is a key support or resistance level … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Key Market Update Prior To The BOJ and FOMC

Welcome back everyone!  Thanks again for all of you who sent in great comments and emails to myself and my team about the win Friday.  I really appreciate all your support.  I am really doing it all for you guys.  It is all about the hope and … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Trading Ideas On AAPL, Oil And More

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at a few instruments this evening. First of all, for crude oil, we’ll be looking at the $43 level going into tomorrow’s session. That’s a relative low. Recently, we’ve had this breakout attempt going into the … [Continue reading]

Rob Reviews Hot And Cold Markets In Tonight’s Videos

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s start by taking a look at a handful of instruments. The VIX was all important today.  The strategy for today was that if the market started popping up through long term resistance, we were going to look for … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Strategy For The Market And A Few Stocks This Week

Welcome back everyone!  We have a lot to see in all these different markets. APPL, with today’s, pullback continues to push right back into the heart of the channel.  There is no trade here yet at this point.  As you recall we have been kind … [Continue reading]