Tomorrow’s Market Will Be Very Important Directionally

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s get right into it tonight.  I have to be brief because I have a mentorship group here this week.  Either way let’s get into it. The VIX dropped back down from the open this morning.  It kept slowly pushing back down.  That ties into what we were looking for in the big picture.  Three out of four of the … [Continue reading]

Rob Warned You About Big Moves Last Week And Then They Happened!

Welcome back gang, what an exciting Friday, what an exciting week. These markets tend to be the gift that keep on giving over and over again, we talked to you in the last week and beyond what we have been looking for as far as this VIX strategy. It … [Continue reading]

What A Day In The Market! Did You Trade Like This?

Welcome back gang. What an exciting day, told you some big moves were coming and off the charts we went, some really great stuff. Walking in the door today we would have preferred some long side trades, in fact early this morning we did take some … [Continue reading]

Market Structure Stays Intact Post FOMC

Welcome back! I just got done with a couple hour class with our Champion Setups program and that was really phenomenal. I’m going to make this quick tonight. Here’s what you need to know. Bottom line is we walked in the door and focused on the … [Continue reading]

Rob Warned Us About These Moves And Now They’re Happening

Welcome back, everyone! What a special night. We have been talking to you guys about this for days and really weeks as we’ve been looking at AAPL. Here are a few things you have to know. I pointed out to you last Friday that we had a situation … [Continue reading]

A Perfect Follow-through Trading Session Today. So What Now?

Welcome back everybody!  Let’s get right into the meat and potatoes of what we need to know.  While we are having some healthy pullbacks in the short term, we still have some rising trends underneath us.  I want to continue to focus on long side … [Continue reading]

Key Markets To Watch After Friday’s Major Split

Welcome back everyone!  What an exciting week here!  Let’s recap a couple things that are on our minds. The VIX continues to be down below 15.  No matter what you hear in the news media about how it is time to end the market, until we get … [Continue reading]

Great Trading Today And A Big Move Is About To Hit Us!

Hey there gang! Welcome back! What an exciting day! I’m loaded up on a bunch of coffee right now. I just got done with the wild, wacky and super awesome trading marathon with seven-time international trading champion Davide Biocchi. This comes on … [Continue reading]

Today’s Market Was Another Perfect Example Of Champion Setups In Action

Welcome back everyone!  This will be a really brief video about what is important.  This morning I was telling you about the VIX strategy.  I told everyone I wanted to break down below the 13 level for a long.  If that did not happen I wanted to … [Continue reading]